Liberty Barros

Detailed Information

My life began at birth when I realised I had no gymnastic ability at all! I used to watch the gymnast girls at school and wish I could d a cartwheel. Suddenly at 10 years old, whilst watching a Rihanna video, ‘Umbrella’ I tried imitating her move and bent my body into a full backbend. This set off a chain of events which saw me performing in Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal and Hollywood.

I am regularly contacted for TV/Film, Commercial and live work. I perform the Liberty Barros show with other amazing performers and hope to bring this back to stages when lockdowns end.

My flexible movement incorporates multi disciplines including contortion, isolation and balance. My training is excellent for producing results in body well being and functional movement. Being happy in movement brings a lot of fun into creating routines!!

I work with charities to raise money for good causes. In the past I have raised money for the NHS and am currently working on raising money for the blind in Mauritius.