Ben "Viper" Holland

Detailed Information

Benjamin Holland, better know by his stage name “The Viper,” is an American professional circus entertainer working as a contortionist, juggler, face balancer, and ringmaster.
The Viper has trained himself in all of these disciplines and has been honing his tricks, showmanship, and creativity from the age of 8.
Originally from Washington DC, he now travels the country entertaining the people everywhere he goes with his trademark performing style.
The Viper has been working as a professional entertainer for the past 4 years. He began as a street performer, then moved on to working at real-life traveling circuses, various corporate events, and hotel installation shows.
The Viper has even been internationally recognized as a featured guest performer at the 2018 International Contortion Convention. He is currently on tour with the 2019 Royal Hanneford Circus, check out their TOUR SCHEDULE to see if The Viper is coming soon to a city near you!