Panni Speirs

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34292, United States
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Graduated from the Hungarian State Circus Academy with diplomas in performing and teaching Contortion and Acrobatic Rollerskating (Acts). Performed in numerous countries for several years, before settling in England, to start her family life. While in the UK, she continued to perform, but also started to get involved in the fitness industry, with teaching exercise classes, focusing on fitness and flexibility.

After a while, she felt, the “Land of Opportunities” (USA) was calling for her, and she arrived in New York City, full of ambitions to start a new chapter of her life. Soon after her arrival, she was invited to Rochester, N.Y. to teach flexibility in a Gymnastics Club.

During that time, she also started to teach her fitness classes  at several Recreation facilities  as well. In fact, she even ventured over to Canada for a while, to do the same. After a while, she was able to arrange for finances, to open her own studio, Pannirama Health Spa, in  a Rochester Suburb.  As it happened, soon after the Grand Opening, she caught the media’s attention  with giving birth to her second child,  while teaching her exercise classes the day before and after her son’s arrival.

Her classes became so popular, that she needed to look for a larger facility.  After the move, she added Massage Therapy, she completed the 1000 hours Licensure course for NYS and Expectant Mothers’ Exercise Classes, as well as audio and later a video tape, Panni’s Pregnacises,  to her programs.

As a personal challenge to herself, in 1989, she exercised for 38 hours and 40 minutes non-stop, to establish a new GUINNESS BOOK of RECORDS.

The following year, while remained teaching her classes, she enrolled at Empire State College,  (“It’s never too late”) to earn

her higher educational degrees: KINESIOLOGY A.S. and TEACHING the PERFORMING ARTS B.S. 

Soon, there after, she continued  her studies for an M.S. in Recreation and Leisure Studies, with focus on Rec. Therapy at SUNY, College at Brockport, NY.

About that time, she also started to add some Circus Arts Skills into her variaty of classes,  which soon took off, aspecially the Contortion Classes.

“Once a performer, always a performer”, she also continued her higher educationial classes at Eastman Community Music School, studying Jazz (instrumental and Theory)  for the next 7 years, earning various Diplomas and performing with various Bands on Jazz Festivals and other events.

By the time she moved to Florida, about 6 years ago,  she was a well established CONTORTION MASTER COACH, with matching education, and started to focus on ONLINE teaching,  mostly for Private Lessons, although she still travels to some studios, to teach her various workshops, such as:  #BACKBENDSCLINICS,  #SPLITSCLINICS,  #CONTORTIONMASTERCLASSES,  and  #FLEXIBILITYSAVESWORKSHOPS.  She also has access to studio space, for Private Lessons, if it is necessary.

She enjoys teaching flexible students of all ages, “I just like to pass on my knowledge, to the next generation!”, she says, and than continues,  “I also like my students understand,that  we, human beings, are all different, therefore, my teaching method will be probably different for each of my students also…..”