Micah Walters

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Los Angeles, California , United States
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Micah Walters is a hybrid of athleticism and artistry. Part acrobat, part ballerina.  His talent for movement comes to life combining seamlessly the discipline of an acrobat with the expressive execution of a dancer.

Micah studied gymnastics under a system passed down from Soviet greats. Later on, classical ballet training softened and polished his acrobatic training. Through competition and convention circuits, Micah mastered many styles of dance and acrobatics. Micah found the circus community in San Francisco and an audience for his unique blend of talents. Micah has performed with circus and dance companies in the Bay Area including Capacitor, Circus Automatic, Syn Circus, Academy of American Ballet and Trapeze World.

Micah’s intimate knowledge of the mechanics of gymnastics and his natural ability to map skills made him a natural at teaching. He coached most notably under Soviet Olympic champion Eduard Azarian at the US Gymnastics Training Center in Aliso Viejo, California. Eager to dive deeper into fitness, Micah acquired certifications through NASM including Corrective Exercise Specialist and Sports Performance Specialist. Micah also holds a certification in Aerialates, a format that uses aerial conditioning to rehabilitate and strengthen bodies of all types and abilites.

Micah is a graduate of the 200 hour Yoga teacher training through YOGAMAZE.