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My name is Anya Shevelyuk. Growing up, I was a classical ballet dancer until the age of 19. After retiring from dance I studied yoga in addition to obtaining a degree in Exercises Science with an emphasis in Health and Fitness.

I didn’t start flexibility training until I was 22. My journey was difficult as I was very stiff and weak. I started with moderate leg flexibility but absolutely zero back flexibility and suffered form an old injury to top it off.

I am the stiffest person I have ever met. Even my least flexible students have all started with more flexibility and strength than I had at the beginning. So I believe if I can achieve such great gains in flexibility (even though it was painfully slow) anyone can.

In 2013 I join Voler: Thieves of Flight, an aerial performance ensemble; traveling, performing and teaching acrobatics. In late 2014 I relocated to Vegas to further my career as a performer and coach.

In 2016, I was certified to exclusively teach a newly invented contortion technique founded by Otgo Waller, under the Flexible Body Art training program. This is when I turned my main focus to educating others in their personal flexibility training.

After several years of extensive research, studying and physical training experience, I created my own unique program called Kintortion to help others work towards improving endurance, strengthening, and range of motion for developing functional flexibility with the potential of gaining contortion level skills.

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