Adgam (Adi) Salinas

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Victoria, British Columbia V9B 0A5, Canada
Detailed Information

Since Adi was a child she has always enjoyed the freedom that flexibility gives to her body, and the energy that moves through her. Although Adi was born with a naturally flexible body she had to work to become a contortionist!  She began training later in life when she was 21, and through her experience she knows you can always improve your flexibility, you just need to actually do it! This is why she teaches- because she wants others to know that they can improve too, that it is possible, and that she can guide them through it….. it just a matter of discipline.

Adi got into contortion when one day during one of her classes of aerial arts, Ivanov Niebla (former performer at Cirque Demain/performer and coach at Cirko Alebrije/her teacher) saw potential in her and invited Adi to be part of the circus company Cirko Alebrije in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.  That is where she learned most of her contortion training, and her passion for contortion started growing.

Adi has a technical degree in performing arts at the University of Guadalajara. There she was thrilled to discover how the beautiful fluidity of expression through movement of the body could also excite the mind. She took one-on-one classes with Alejandra and Laura Ramirez, both professionals of contemporary dance in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Moreover, she has had extensive flexibility and strength training with Juan Luis Gonzales, a graduate from Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal,  She has also practiced the modalities of gymnastics, acrobatics, and yoga, furthering her understanding of the body arts.

Arriving to Canada, she has trained in Contemporary dance with Dyana Sonik and Kathy Lang and in Ballet with Amalia Schelhorn.  She was also part of the contemporary dance company Dance Berserker Dance with Kelly Hobson, and performed at the Royal BC museum with Island Circus Space.  In 2019, she had a baby boy and took a little break but she is back!

In the present she is working with The Rising Circus in Victoria, BC, as a flexibility/contortion coach and as a performer.