Lisbeth Mikoleit

Detailed Information

I am a contortionist from Portland, Oregon. Originally from Connecticut, I began my training with ballet at the age of 5. At age 11 I fell in love with the art of contortion. I trained myself for 3 years before moving across the country to work with coaches Gunnar Field and Tsengelmaa Byambadorj. After completing the professional training program at Pendulum Aerial Arts, I worked with their professional company for productions and corporate events. I have also worked with Quixotic in Kansas City, and as a coach and freelance performer in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016 I performed at the International Contortion Convention in Las Vegas. I spent a year working in Rhythms of the Night in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico under the artistic direction of Debra Brown, and we are currently working on a brand new project, so stay tuned!
In my work, I mix the technical elements of contortion with graceful transitions inspired by my dance background. I incorporate the extreme shapes and lines of classic contortion while telling a story or creating a mood.