HeeJin Diamond

Detailed Information

Heejin was trained to contort at Ulan Bator by the great Mongolian acrobat Tsetsegmaa Khuujig.
His classical training was perfected in France at the Arthur Honagger Conservatory in Le Havre.
She has worked as a trio in Thailand (2007-2008) and at Atayde Circus in Mexico City (2008-2009).

In 2010, she won a Bronze Clown in Monte Carlo with the Blue Sky Girls troupe.

In June 2015, she appeared on the show Le Plus Grand Cabaret of the World duet with Chinese mast with Gabriele Rizzi.

In her first issue Snow-Queen conceived and directed by Sigrid La Chapelle in 2015, it is on a diamond that it gives us many facets.
A talent polished by long hours of work so that the effort gives way to grace.

In 2016, Sigrid La Chapelle signs his second attraction, Black-Jack, more sensual and equally virtuoso.
Freely inspired by the smoky gambling halls of the roaring twenties, at a time when prohibition was raging.

Since the fall of 2016, Heejin is the flagship attraction of Paradis Latin in Paris and it also occurs in German varieties such as Krystall Palast or GOP.

In June 2017, she once again goes to the Grand Cabaret of the World with her Snow Queen number.