Aline Rupple

Detailed Information

What a story on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Supertalent” (RTL). Alina Ruppel, meanwhile one of the world’s best contortionists (snake women), already appeared in the first Supertalent season in 2007.

The then 10-year-old skinny little artist not only earned praise from Dieter Bohlen for her performance. The Pop Titan was concerned about the health of the little artist, who was able to treat a severe congenital infantile movement disorder with her training.

What a terrific return after ten years of Eliza, as Alina Ruppel is today called by stage name. She is now twenty years old and has long been a professional artist. She is one of the most sought-after acrobatics (contortionist) worldwide. Most recently, she has performed with her new stage show at Sunset Station Casino Las Vegas and on US television channels ABC and NBC. In the RTL show “Supertalent” this Saturday (1 October, 20.15 clock), it inspires both the jury and the audience with their performance, a tribute to Liza Minelli from the movie “Cabaret”.

Life did not start for Eliza. After giving birth, parents received information that their daughter was suffering from childhood motion disorder, a type of polio caused by a birth defect. Perspective: wheelchair.

Until the age of 8, the slender Alina fought the disease, which severely limited her ability to move, to no avail.

Alina describes this time as: “I was not able to walk down the stairs without falling at least 3 times.”

Her mother trained with little Alina every day for two years to help her movements. The talent of “bending” was also discovered and promoted.

At the age of 10, Alina was on stage for the first time and impressed the audience with tricks with her now extremely flexible body.

Her parents sent a video to the then first show “Das Supertalent”. So it came about that Eliza faced Dieter Bohlen at the age of ten.

After leaving school, Alina moved from Memmingen in the Allgäu to Leipzig to start her apprenticeship as an event manager. Here she also found her manager & show designer “International”, with whom she developed and choreographed her Las Vegas show “Contortion is a Cabaret” as “Eliza”.
First of all, it means for the sympathetic Leipzigerin to “push” the school desk in the vocational school of Riesa and to continue her education to event business woman