Contortion coaches

Getting access to contortion coaches is difficult. They are expertly skilled and scattered around the globe so chances are there won’t be a contortion trainer all that close to you. This is why a lot of those aspiring to be contortionists tend to start training on their own. If you’ve never trained with a coach before this can lead to all kinds of issues later down the line. As contortion has been slowly growing in popularity, so have the resources that are available for those wanting to learn the art of contortion. The contortion coaches listed in this part of the site are from all over the globe and have a massive range of skills. Most teach private classes, workshops and small group classes. If you live in a large city such as London or New York, finding coaches can be easier than if you live somewhere smaller. Thankfully, some of the coaches will either teach you online or offer training materials for you to follow along with. If you’re interested in coaches that teach online, check out the learning contortion online section of the site.