Hypermobility and Contortion

While there are many contortionists that don’t have a natural inclination to flexibility, those with hypermobility manage to reach the very extremes of the human body. If you’re naturally flexible you might find yourself the envy of other budding contortionists. What is hypermobility Hypermobility is the term used to describe the ability to move joints beyond… Continue reading Hypermobility and Contortion

Interview with a contortionist: Euler Kalebe

We asked some questions to Brazilian contortionist, Euler Kalebe who attended Arricirco (Arraial Intercultural de Circo do Recife) circus school in Recife. He’s a massive fan of Cirque du Soleil and even runs his own company making cirque inspired pop dolls! Hey Euler, What got your interested in Contortion to begin with? I was terribly scared… Continue reading Interview with a contortionist: Euler Kalebe

How do I get flexible fast?

We’re going to tell you how to get flexible in three easy steps! Just follow the guide below and you’ll be flexible in no time at all! This is becoming a common clickbait line on social media. But at what cost? A good number of blog posts, youtube tutorials and Instagram post profess to be… Continue reading How do I get flexible fast?

How do they bend like that?

Contortion and hypermobility questions answered by Betsy Shuttleworth The questions I am asked mostly as a flexibility specialist/Contortion trainer is “How do they bend like that?” “Is she double-jointed?” “Does she have a spine?” Especially after they see this: Shelby Miller@twisted_shelby Photo by: Brent Clark @brentclark20965 Well of course she has a spine. And while Hypermobility is… Continue reading How do they bend like that?