Start learning contortion today

Learn contortion basics

Contortion and flexibility training doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. With the right mindset and dedication most people can attain a decent level of flexibility. With practice your age or natural inclination to flexibility don’t matter as much.

Take a look at our Getting started with Flexibility page to learn more about this amazing art.

Track your training

Check out the app for contortion training and goals called Tilt

Find a contortion coach

Learning the basics on your own is achievable but there is no real replacement to a good coach. It’s sometimes hard to find a coach in your area, or even your own country. We can help you find a coach that matches your skills and goals in your area, country or abroad. Check out our huge directory of coaches to help you practice safely and at the right level. Also check out the coaches that teach online.

Explore poses

There are many tricks and poses in contortion sand flexibility disciplines. Check out our growing list of poses to work towards your goals.